Nathaniel Samuel

Karachi, Pakistan

Relation With God

Hi I am Nathaniel today I am share my story with all of you how I find and believe in God once my gallbladder sudenly blast my family taken me in hospital and they operate open surgery and they shifted me from operation theater to I.C.U and after I feel that I am in hospital my family meet me one bye one and I start heeling in the evening my preast vist me and pray and give me the bless with blessed Oil in a night I pray to God that I am your follower and I pray and requested God please heel me as soon as much and gradually I start heeling when I start heeling I feel that God love's us and he is very near to us just need the pray and he listen us so when I become all right and always I pray that God has given me the second life thanks of God and know I am going to church every Sunday God is my savior ....
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