Amy Boutwell

Virginia Beach, USA

Fighting depression & guilt

After one year of marriage my husband had a stroke. Praise Y’shua he was not paralyzed but it did and still does affect one side of him. He is a hard worker and never seems to rest enough. He works at a Christian based ministry/college on HVAC and he holds 4 licenses including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and heating and A/C. He gets very discouraged and does a lot of complaining. I know he’s frustrated about his handicap and sometimes I have little to no compassion. I let his negativity steal my joy and get me in a state of depression. I know my joy must come from Papa only, not my circumstances but sometimes it’s so hard to stay positive. I am ashamed that at times I’ve asked Papa to just “take him home” and then I’m convicted of selfishness. In these dark times Y’shua is the only One Who comforts me and “a miracle each day” has helped me go through what I must in order to grow in the knowledge and wisdom of Papa. I now can pray for my husband wholeheartedly at these times. Don’t get me wrong, I still fall short and my flesh wants out but it also makes me grateful that I am healthy to help him get through those tough times. Spend each morning with Papa in His Word and He will give you the verses you need to stand and meditate on in order to get you through! All glory to Papa God and the grace and love of Y’shua our Lord and Savior!

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