Shalymar Irlanda

Camarines Sur, Philippines

Unconditional love of God

I am Shalymar Regalario Irlanda I grew up at Cabariwan Ocampo Camarines Sur, Philippines. Growing up in the christian ireland was good but God was absent from my life and Jesus was only a swear word. Well, it all began to change when some stranger told us that God love us unconditionally, but since that i am in my teenage stage there was stuff that called 'sin' and stopped  from being God's friend. So as i meet more new people in my life the more socialisation came up, jamming here, jamming there with friends, the more friends that i meet the more i forget that  there was a god. Then, when i was at my 3rd year college stage. Something brought out! A big problem of mine, that was the point of my life that i was so lost and No one to run too, the friends that i meet that i thought could help me withit, none of them came out and help me even just in a 'moral support' thing. That's the timewhen my life turned  into God's house, i feel so sorry and guilty at the same time because i forgot him in times that iam in a good situation but here i am asking for forgiveness and help from him because i was lost, i was nothing! A good Father of the church a priest sees me that i am struggling, cry out quite at the church. He walk thru goin to my place and he seat at the right side of me. And told me. "Child, even you committed sin God will forgive you, because he loves you that much, he loved you more than his own son Jesus" that message touched my heart and soul, i felt that God is talking to me thru that priest. I felt the unconditional love of God for me that time, and i cried so hard knowing that i'm so stuck on my own creediness at my own wants. after that day, things and thing came into my mind and realized everything.although im not a good child of his, im so blessed enough to meet and felt the unconditional love of his for me. From then, i became god's child, even dough i am not perfect child of him, but i honestly say that i follow him and loved him with all of my heart and in the best that i can.  And the Father who's  told me, approach me. Also tells about the World Youth Day, he said he experience it in 1995 that was manila philippines is the host place. He said that it feel so refresh and restore the soul of everyone. That was the most blessed day of his life as he said. So he told me that maybe when i go and attend that kind of event i much deeply understand and know God.although i started to know him but not that much. So when i join the pre world youth day  that organizes of the national university at baguio last May 23 to 26, 2016., i know the esence of being respectful on all the things that the priest use in the holy mass. I learned the word of god, the beatitude and meet other delegates there who was have different story in life and i learned also from their story, that all of us have a problem and challenges in life. And i proudly say that i am a child of god now by heart, mind and action. Thankyou! ? ? ? 

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