christian qi

Rennes, France

Alone? not anymore !

Hi my name is Christian

I was born in a non Christian family. When I was young, I was always taught to not trust to anybody, however i wanted to trust in humanity and make friends. Quickly I was really disapointed, the friend that I made in elementary school betray me and backstabed me. It hurts me so much and the same experience happened agin during my middle and high school. When I join colege in thougt " ok Christian this will be an new phase in your life you will be in a new place with new people i an diferent context so just try a last time and if it doesn't work do ask mom said : live by your own"

So when I arrived in Montpellier I quickly get grabed in those student party whth a lot of alchool by my roomates. Actually I felt quite good there because for the first time I knew what the rules where and it was a game I could play : everybody have to seems happy if it's too hard the alcool is here to make you forgot all of your probles. Don't have deep conversation be as superficial as possible… so I satrted to go to those partys 

One day I decided to go to my classmate's place to do homework together. I saw in his room a prayer wall and I asked him what was that and that's how I discovered that he was christian and that he attenpted to agape's bible studies. One week later i came back to his place and I asked him to bring me there he was really shocked but accepted to bring me at the bible studies. Then the D day arived and I was going to my first bible studies. my friend bring me to the place and after gretings everyone, he actually drop me off and go away. I was alone in middle of strangers. I suprizely felt actually realy at ease to speak and participate at the studies. I could actually remerber two things in that evening, the first was how people loved and being intentional toward each other and the second thing was how pertinant and how practical was the Bible so I decided to come back again and again.

After few month the more I came, the more I understood what Christ did for me and how he transformed people to be able to really love ech others. I understood also that even thou that God changd them , they are not perfect and that some day they might decive me, Jesus is perfect and won't leave me alone ever if I decided to start a relationship with Him so that's how I decided to do it and until now he never deceived me ? 

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