Patrycja Klama

God is never wrong

I grew up in a Christian family. My parents have been telling me about God, about His love and His death on the cross since I was a child, so I always believed in God. When I was 11 years, old during a Christian camp for kids, I was asked to give my testimony, to tell why I believe in God. In that moment I realized that until this moment it had always been the faith of my parents, not mine. God showed me that I should decide myself if I want to trust Him or not. And I did. I decided that I want Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour. Nothing special happened, there was no voice from heaven or earthquake, but since then I do not live for myself anymore; I live for Him. I don’t have to earn anything, because He gave me salvation by grace. Now I know that He is with me no matter what.  

There was just one tiny problem. I never could understand why God created me the way I am: quiet and introverted. I could not understand why in the world full of noise, loud emotions, empty conversations and chaos I am so much different and I even started to believe that God was wrong when He created me, that I should be different. Then I started to pray and ask God to change me, but time passed and I was still the very same. Relationships and conversations were harder and harder for me and I was fed up with myself. And when I lost hope, when I wanted to give up on myself, God showed me that he didn’t give up on me, that He wasn’t wrong when He created me, that He really wants me the way I am.  

Now I am still quiet and introverted, and relationships and conversations are still a great challenge for me, but God Has changed in me something else: my attitude. Now I know that who I am is good no matter what the world around me keeps telling me. Now I know that God can use me and he does that when I trust Him. Now I know that God is never wrong, He was not wrong about me and He is not wrong about you. And even though sometimes I still ask God why I am who I am, I trust Him that He has everything under control and He created me this way on purpose.

Maybe you believe in God because your parents do, as I once did,  and you realize that you have to make your own decision. Or maybe you keep asking God “why have You created me the way I am?”. If you want to talk about it, send me a message below .

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