Noro-Hasina Ramilison

Île-de-France, France

« Because you have value in my eyes…»

I was young, ambitious and I had great visions. My goal was to excel in my studies and flourish in my carreer.

The season of all possibilities 

That’s how I embraced a promising career in Madagascar, my degree in pocket. Very quickly, I had great responsibilities and my lifestyle was unexpected. I had money and I supported my family financially. I had a network of friends and I was estimated in a circle of influential people. I also traveled abroad and above all I said to myself I have good values ​​because I believe in Him who created me. It had lasted three years.  Elder of three siblings, God was always included in our education. What could I miss then? From afar, I had the dream life.

Men see appearance

Behind this appearance of successful life, hid a heart that was crying, suffering and silently shouting for help. Yes, I cried out to God to restore my family, I cried out to God for healing from the wounds of a moral and sexual abuse, for all the relational hurt I have experienced. And finally, I cried out to God for my love life. I was only a heap of anger and hatred. I felt like I was subject of a divine and human injustice. I wanted to change my life as I was only the shadow of myself. 

And then I had a plan but very quickly, I realized that God had decided otherwise. I accepted a course from the University of Paris where I had to start from scratch and I was ready to pay the price. Far from everything I know: my family, my past, and my pride, my self-sufficiency and my independence. It’s then that a door opened in my life. Unfortunately, it led to a life of wandering.

“Change your life, this man is not your husband!”

Well settled in my comfort, I finally felt free .In these moments, I have been carried away by my feelings and I decided to enter in a destructive relationship. I was in a relationship with a married man. In the depth of my heart, I knew that this was not the solution to my feeling but I still kept on. I was dirty, broken, abandoned,  with no more dignity. The sin had the power over my heart, my soul, my body, my whole being, and yet, I prayed. These times were the dark days of my life and it lasted a year and an half. 

I was in the darkness, and the light has shined in!

I tried to get out of my dark life but in vain. I was looking for answers to my questions, a truth that could not be shaken. At this point, God was not enough anymore. I was attracted to New Age practices, that deep within me, there is a cosmic being larger than the universe, the secret that every successful man had discovered. And at the same time, I always heard about Jesus Christ, and His work on the cross, but I did not understand it. I thought it was for other people but not for me. During those times, a long-time Christian friend knew about my battle, she prayed for me and told me that Jesus could free me. I began to read my Bible but without much hope. Then one evening, 25th of April 2013, I had an appointment with this Jesus. I was at home, in my room and a presence was waiting for me. It was a firm voice telling me to break up with this man through a message. I did it right away without asking questions.

I felt an immense emptiness growing in my heart and weeping tears began to flow. I saw before me my sins and in front of a mirror the state in which I was. I cried for God’s forgiveness, and begged Him to save me and to set me free . I needed a second chance. I went into what  I call A DEEP REPENTANCE.

“Where sin has abunded, grace has abunded more” Romans 5:20 

I said to God: if this JESUS ​​CHRIST, your SON was DEAD FOR MY SINS and that BY HIS BLOOD and RESURRECTION, He is able to give me A NEW LIFE, I would like him to get me out of this relationship. And this time I beg Him to definitely set me free from it. Since that night, Jesus forgave and has washed me. He broke the chains of my bondage and sin. I invited Him into my heart, and for the first time, I called Him MY LORD AND MY SAVIOR. 

Few months after, in my heart it was ardent, serving Christ has become my passion. He BAPTIZED me with his HOLY SPIRIT and I began to speak new languages, and by obedience to the Word, I had not waited long, I was baptized with WATER BAPTISM.

Loved and approved, you also can experience it 

The Holy Spirit was doing a work of restoration, asking me to lead A LIFE OF SANCTIFICATION. By His grace, I was able to finish my studies that I thought I would fail and I finished it brilliantly. Today, I can testify that I was lost but Jesus found me. By His love He transformed my life, and healed my brokenheart. He has reconnected me with my father and every time I face anger, He reminds me that his forgiveness is not my own action, it is a gift from the Father.  

From his throne,He has lowered himself to pull me from the depths of my sins. He has raised me to the rank of His children and clothed me in white. 

My life is not perfect. In my mistakes and moments of weakness, He reminds me every day of the faithful covenant that He has made with me, since I said to Him: “Here, take my life, it is totally yours”. He strengthened my identity in Him and in the vision He has for my life. And beyond the name that my parents gave me, Noro-Hasina which means “sacred life”, God knows me and He calls me by His name: “Arise and go, the creation is waiting for you! “.

Today, I publish this testimony, my most beautiful love story, it’s Him, it’s Jesus Christ.  You too can invite Him into your heart, whatever your past, your sins, and your mistakes might be. “JESUS ​​SAYS: I AM THE WAY, TRUTH, AND LIFE.” John 14:6 

“But to all who have received Him, to those who believe in His name, they have been given the power to become children of God” John 1:12 

I invite you, feel free to write to me, I would be glad to answer you. 



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