Relationship with God?!


I grow up in a Christian family and my parents told me a lot of stories from the Bible. I’d go to church each Sunday but I didn’t really like it. When I was old enough to stay at home I stayed at home. At the age of 14 I changed my school and I tried to focus on the school and not on friends or anything else. The time went by and I started to realize that I didn’t have a lot of friends anymore.

I remembered that in my church were some people of my age. I tried to meet them and for that reason I went to the “Jungschar” (that’s a community of young Christians of the age of approximately 10 to 16 years). We had a lot of action and sport programs. Each afternoon one of the leaders told us a story from the Bible. It wasn’t very important for me but I listened.

One Saturday afternoon it changed. One of my favourite leaders told us that we could have a relationship with God. He said that God loved us first and God loves every person. I took it to heart and I said a simple prayer. I would like to say to you that I had from that moment in my life no pain, no doubt, made no mistakes etc. But sorry it isn’t like that.

A process was started and I’m nowadays in that same process. I started to read my Bible, to pray regularly and I trust my whole life to Jesus. I know that isn’t important if you have a hundreds of Friends or you are the best at school or anything like that. The most important thing in my life is: How can I follow Jesus and act in his will.

It’s impossible to tell you all the stories with Jesus but here are some examples. We’re prayed for people and they’re been healed. Sometimes I have some impression to say something or to do something and the other person feel very surprised. You read the bible and one verse makes you cry because it is exactly what you need.

I always find out new things and I’m so glad that I can have a relationship with the creator of the world. I wish that you can have your own experience with God and I promise you that you will learn a lot of new things about God. If you have any questions lose no time in sending me a message.

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