Małgorzata Czekaj

Kraków, Poland

My life didn't make sense

I thought I had everything (being smart, studing, having successes, having boyfriend), but my heart was really hurted because of lack of love in my family. That's why I felt lonely and not acceptable. I was trying to fill the emptiness of my heart by everything what`s possible: parties, fashion on positive thinking, successes in life and at university and new relationships.

However, it was not enough. I felt that my life is nothing. It didn't make any sense.

During the Holy Mass with a prayer for the healing, Jesus (through people who I met there) told me that His love is really unconditional and for free; He just loves me as I am. God hugged me and set me free from evil. Since then my heart finally found peace and the emptiness was filled. Jesus healed me from loneliness.

Now, every day I base on His love. I'm still interested in meeting people and the world, but now I have a foundation: it's my Lord, Jesus Christ, His love, His Word. He heals my heart from any deficiencies.

Maybe you feel lonely and think that your life is without any sense from some reasons. I want to tell you, that Jesus has the power to change it. He suffered, died and resurrected to give you a new life. He told in the Gospel of Saint John, chapter 14, verse 6: "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."

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