Martien van den Helder

Veenendaal, Netherlands

Real acceptance and trust

When I was young I had to deal with rejection, bullying and rows, and alcohol also played a part. Because of this I have always been trying to prove myself, and be accepted by others. When I was 21 years old I had my own business, earned a lot of money, but I still felt empty. More things happened in my life, which brought me to a point where I thought: ‘If this is all life has to offer, it is not worth it.’


A conversation with someone and the book "The Late Great Planet Earth" led me to the Bible. I started reading from page one and could not stop. I had been in Israel three times previously, and I had read a lot about Israel and the Jewish people. In the Bible I read about all the places where I had been. For me that was one of the things that confirmed the Bible was true. What was written about God, had to be true also. But how do you get in touch with God?

Because I read that God is so much involved with the Jewish people, I thought I had to become a Jew. During this time I met my wife and she directed me to the Gospel of John. I read it several times and I found out that I did not have to become a Jew; I could reach God through Jesus. From that moment onwards, my life totally changed and the emptiness inside that I always had felt, disappeared.


But I had not yet dealt with the many years of rejection I had experienced. After years I discovered that, subconsciously, I was still trying to prove myself and that I was still searching for acceptance. My eyes were opened through Psalm 139 (verses 13-18). In these verses God says that He accepts me completely. He is my Creator and creating me wasn’t a mistake. He already knew what would happen in my life, what I would look like, etc. Realizing that, set me free. A heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders.


A few years ago we went through a difficult period of time. Both my parents deceased within 3 1/2 months. One month later a 19 year old girl from my neighborhood, with whom I had been talking about God, died trough an accident. Besides that I experienced more difficult things on a personal level. I have never blamed God, but there were a lot of questions and many of those questions have never been answered. During this period of time I always experienced the support of God. He showed His support through a Bible passage, a conversation with someone, a song, a card, etc.

I received a card with a Bible verse that really helped me (2 Corinthians 1 verses 3-4). It says that God comforts you when you go through a difficult period of time. And with the comfort you receive from God, you will be able to comfort others who are also experiencing difficulties. It really worked like this. God is a reality in my daily life. He is a faithful Father who accepts me and gives me confidence, without the pressure of all kinds of rules. He is my support and He is an anchor for me.

If you also wrestle with acceptance and trust, or if you have other questions about God, the Bible or life, feel free to contact me and ask your questions.

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