Lili Tomeczkova

Smilovice, Czech Republic

nekonečná radost


I have known God since my childhood. Yes, I grew up in family, which believes in God, of course I attended a Sunday school in our church, but my question sounds: Did I know Him really?? My parents and nobody else couldn´t believe instead of me. This step was only on me!  When I was younger, I often was afraid. I had so strange feeling like anxiety and hopelessness. I asked myself. "Why? How many times I was praying to God?!Why you are so far? " That night I couldn´t sleep. (It was not the first time). This night my tears appeard in my eyes. I came to my parents and prayed with them.  For me known and often-heard words I repeated the words after my father. However this time it was different. In the evening, I could honestly confess my  sins and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Today, I realize that all that time Jesus called me. Open my heart to him and invites him inside for me was the most joyful moment, what could I experience in my life. It is my daily source of joy that gives me reason to live. I do not have to worry about what will be. I need not have worried. He is my hope.    The best part of it all is that I know that for me and everyone who believes in him has prepared heaven, where there will be no pain, anxiety or sadness, but just endless joy!

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