Julie Berg

Oslo, Norway

God really cares

I grew up in a Christian home in a small town in south of Norway. But I never felt like I had a relationship with God until I was 19 years old. Even though I always said I was a Christian. I have always been very taken by music and poems. I loved listening to beautiful words with beautiful melodies. And I started writing my own songs when I was 13 years old. I did it to prosess all the bullying I had experienced at school. But I have to say, I used to be a bully too. When I was 16 years old my doctors told me I was very sick and told me drop out of school. I cried out to God accusing him of not caring about me. 

When I was 19 years old I attended a bible school on the west coast of Norway. I learned to know God. I learned that he cared about me. I could feel his presence, his peace filling me and calming me. I could feel that he had not once stopped caring about me, and he was full of compassion because of my illness. I started to see that God had always been there for me. 

God started showing me all the songs I loved listening to growing up, that it was him trying to communicate with me. All the beautiful poems I loved was about not giving up, that I had to keep believing in my self, keep being strong, and that I was beautiful. 

Today, I´m the leader of a technology company. I have a masters degree in social communcation, because I never quit school. I´m still sick, but I´m living with it. Nothing of this had never been possible if it wasn´t for that God has always been there for me. Comforting me when I´m crying because I´m in pain. Talking me thru a difficult exam, and taking care me of by getting me a wonderful job. I love God for who he is, and what he´s done for me. That´s why I want every one to experience to God is love. 

God cares about every one. He cares about you. I would love for you to experience this amazing love, peace and comfort that I have. Being a christian doesn´t automatically give you an easy life, but it gives you a lifeline when you feel like you´re drowning. Being a christian doesn´t mean you´ll never experience storms in life, it means you´ll get a shelter that will protect you thru the storms. God will encourage you, and help you keep going forwards in life. He wants you to have good life. No matter what you go thru God sees you. He wants to help you thru every small thing and every big thing. He will never give up on you because he loves you so. God can communicate thru thoughts, dreams, words, feelings, songs, movies and people around you. Let Him show you that He loves you. There´s a ton of bibleverse I could write here to back up every thing I´m saying. But I will will finish my story by sharing my favorite bible verse that´s been a great comforter for me: 

The Message, Isaiah 41,10: "Don´t panic. I´m with you. There´s no need to fear for I´m your God, I´ll give you strength. I´ll help you. I´ll hold you steady, keep a firm grip on you"

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