Giannis Gargas

Athens, Greece

Searching for the Truth

I grew up in Germany in a Greek orthodox family that was not really interested in religion and church.

All I knew was that I was nominal Christian and that there is a God without ever reading the scriptures or going to church. I had no spiritual friends neither did I know anyone who proudly claimed to believe in God.

When I was in the teenage years, there were many thinks in this world that upset me and kept upsetting me. Many events that influenced my mindset. 

I was trying to find myself and to find a reason to live for. However everything that I thought would bring me comfort hurt me. I felt like I couldn't trust anyone anymore, not even my own family. Everybody seemed like just living for themselves.

In my despair I started praying. I didn't know how to pray exactly but I did as I felt this was the only thing I could do to find truth and strength. I prayed for God to show me the way I must go.

I distanced myself from others and became also self concerned which made me feel lonely and forgotten.

A few months After I was accepted to study at the university of Athens, many faculties in Greece went on strike because of cuts in public funding for the education system.

I had nothing to do so I signed up at a Sportsclub and started it on the way of becoming a professional sprinter.

I ran 60m 100m and 200m. I spent a lot of time at training. Five days a week I ran on the course and on day a week I spent in the Gym.

My trainer prepared me for the Greek National Running competition and many more challenges.

Aparently my Spine didn't agree with all this hard work so one day when I walked up the stairs, my back cracked I couldn't move any more. 

After three days of resting at home and an overdose of painkillers, I went to the university restaurant to eat.

That day I met a pastor who had a business with healing beds that therapy the spine with a massage mechanism and infrared rays and heat.

He invited me to try this method and offered me to share the gospel with me.

My back instantly healed and reading the Gospel beach me a live changing experience to me.


Later on there was the point I met Christians from Agape/Cru at the University of Athens when I was in my second year of studies. Those people were not dull but very nice and extroverted believers that someone like me just wanted to have around all the time. There was nothing that those people would say to hurt others. The more time I spent with my new friends the more I learned about the scriptures and thus God Himself and His only son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

I suddenly started to understand my life and that God was always trying to approach me but it was like I was not ready to let him enter my heart. 

The more I prayed and worshipped, the more I found comfort in my life and stopped looking for other worldly things that I thought would make me have a reason to live.

This experience had a deep impacted on me. So deep, that I set everything aside and took the decision to let God use me so I joined Campus Ministry in Athens Greece to serve God and reach students for Christ..

John 4:14

 but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

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