John Conrad Bobadilla

Batangas, Philippines

My Black Nazarene Miracle

My story was about what happened to my eyes before, a simple story but i consider this as a miracle of my life from heaven. I suffered high blood pressure for along period of time on my younger age because of my happy go lucky habit i ignored that because Ialways say that i'm still young and i can manage this sick of mine but one time i suffered a strong dizzeness i felt that my eyes was rolling my head was strongly aching.I was thinking that its just a stressed only maybe i just need a rest and I sleep that time and after an hour of rest my feeling's still the same my vision was so blurred and non stop headache and i ask myself and to the Lord what is happening to me Lord, I feel so afraid and nervous i don't know what to do I told to my nurse sister about my condition and she send me to a physician and he advice me to look for another eye specialist and He gave me a piece of advice please don't forget to call Him(Jesus).When He told me that line i felt so down and my heart beats like a drum bcoz of nervous,I was thinking that this was a serious problem. Before my schedule to opthalmologist I go to quiapo church that was january nine the feast day of black nazarene i kneeled and pray hard to forgive my carelessness i blame myself for what happened to me after that i go to my doctor and he told me that i am lucky because the blood vessel of my eyes become swelling and its does not burst posibly cause to my permanent blindness.. he did not gave me any medicine instead he advice me to call Him(Jesus) and control my blood pressure and make some rest...after our session I cried and I decided to come back to quiapo church and give endless thanks to the Lord..I continue go to quiapo church everytime i visit manila despite of my condition...and after few weeks I feel the changes of my eyes it slowly become normal and my blood pressure also becomes normal..This is so miraculous because i suffer a long year period of time and yet because of my faith in Him my life my body and my soul becomes normal...praise to you in the name of the Father and of the Son and od the Holy Spirit....praise to you the Father Almighty
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