Joëlle Siedel

Copenhague, Denmark

Unconditional peace

Hi! My name is Joëlle, I'm french and I'm 27. Now I have been a christian since 20 years. Through my story, I would like to share to you, how much God is faithful and how I experienced His peace, which is a peace that neither the world nor anyone could ever give.

I was 23, finishing my studies and at the end of the year, we discovered that my mother had a brain tumor. It was cancer and for doctors, it was incurable. Chan I learnt this news, it was so hard and really painful to realize and accept this new reality. But at this difficult time, even if I cried so much and was sad, I chose to turn to Jesus and search in Him comfort and rescue.

Despite the circumstances, I chose to trust in Him, in His word and His promises. And the truth was that God was there, Sovereign, faithful and good in everything.

And it was just crazy to see how God respondedand reacted! He filled my heart with His peace and I knew it was not human but supernatural. My mother was sick during one year, she received some medical treatments wich helped her to get better but throughout the year, her body got worse and worse until her death.. But during all this year, God never abandonned us but showed us His faithfulness and His perfect love. I felt filled and at peace until the end, and even during the mourning.

Christ is the Prince of peace and wants to give us His unconditional peace. We find it in His presence, in communion with Him. And that is the best gift Jesus offers to us. He died on the cross to pay the price of our sins and to allow us to be in peace with Him and become his children. I experienced that and it's awesome! ?

If you don't have this peace and relationship with Him, know that it's your first need…let me encourage you to accept this gift and to trust in Him.


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