Joelle Shekinah

Yaounde, Cameroon


Good day My name is Shekinah, im 30 years old today I would love to share my story with you, how God delivered me from sickle cell anemia At my tender age, I was always in the hospital, and could not play as my mates. I always had to stand in a corner or sit quietly somewhere coz the least movement could result in many days of torture and suffering I can still remember quite well, when once I was in class one, our sport teacher came and presented himself. He said we had to meet him the next day in the field with our sport attire. I was very excited about it, and went home rejoicing. When I saw mum that day, it is the first thing I told her, to buy a sport attire for me, coz I was to do sport on the next day. I can still remember the next day in the morning I came to her and asked her about it, she just said she is really sorry, but she completely forgot about it, and she added moreover baby, u cant do sport. I went to skul, and became so envious of all my friends playing and jumping in the field. The more I grew, the more intense and unbearable the pains became. My father is a medical doctor so I was always spending sleepless nights under a drip, or receiving an injection, words cant explain that kind of pains. I always was asking God why me??? Why not my brother or my sister, who had to spend most of their time massaging me to ease the pain a lil…. Few years later, mummy came to know the Lord, and she preached the gospel to my Father. Few years later, we moved from catholic church to eglise evangelique, believing that only Jesus could make a change in my life. They both gave their lives to Christ few years later. We often attented crusades, conferences, for me to be prayed for. That was the main reason at the beginning. I was just following them there, but had not yet taken that decision of receiving Jesus in my life. Couple of years went by, and I made the decision to give Him a try. I said after all, I loose nothing trying, instead, if it works, ill be fine for the rest of my days. From the, I was not just following them to those programs, but I had faith to be healed. Time went by, and God laid in our hearts to change church, and thats how we found ourselves in Full Gospel Mission. One fateful Sunday, the pastor preached a message that triggered my healing. He said it is not all about going to church, but God saved us to serve Him. As such, we must all be busy serving Him in one way of the other, and not just be Bench warmers. He cited the example of a lady who had back problems, and she was in the cleaning department. The more she did that, the more the pains increased. But she remained faithful and God healed her. After seeking the face of God, I felt He expects me to serve Him in the interpretation department of the church, and I started doing it. Ive been doing it for over 15 years today. The more I did it, the more the pains grew. Day by day, I was smiling and jumping in church following the speaker, but later in the day at home, I was crying , and almost dying under the pains. Mum always told me please baby becareful whenever you are up there. You know u are not like others. And I always replied we are told to follow the speaker in everything. I prefer doing dat and dying if necessary before God doing what im expected to do, and nothing less. When I got accustomed to the bible, whenever I was prayed for, I made sure to always testify after about my healing, and later on to go for an electrophoresis test. You know the bible rightly said in Revelation 12:11 they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. At last, the miracle occurred. A day like the others, I was prayed for, I testified and later on did my test in two different hospitals, the result was the same. From SS to AA !!! It has been a very long journey with the Lord, and not an easy one, but He gave me the victory sooner than I ever expected it. I thought when ill be around 80 or 70 like that, He ll feel sorry for me and heal me, but He surprised me indeed !!!! What is beautiful in this walk with God is He is with you all the way, and even before I got healed, I no longer had sleepless nights coz prayers helped to ease the pain and I always sleeped off … Fear not if you suffer these pains, and let my testimony not frighten you as well. God works in different ways with us, He might want to proceed differently with u. what matters is 1- Do you want it? 2- Do you Trust Him enough with your life? 3- Do you believe He can do it? Just give Him the rightful position in your life, receive Him as your personal Lord and savior, and start this journey with Him. DON’T SPEND THE REST OF YOUR DAYS IN SUFFERING? GET TO GOD AND THAT SICKNESS WILL GO AWAY….. Today I still am a church Interpreter, but more to that, im a Conference Interpreter! God used my church ministry to make me what I am today. As such, I consider it a blessing to have suffered from sickle cell, coz it opens to me many doors, that otherwise I would not have had access to ! PRAISE JEHOVAH …

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