Freedom through Surrender

My name is Jeni and I came to know Christ through my parents, family and the Church.  When I was nine years old, I recognized my need for a Savior and made my first confession of faith in Jesus Christ, asked for forgiveness of my sins and was baptized.   

It wasn’t until I twelve, though, that I really gave God control of my life.  At that point I decided that I wanted whatever God had planned for my life and that I wanted to be the person He designed me to be.  That act of surrendering my will to God’s has been the single most important decision of my life and has ultimately brought me the most joy, security, fulfillment and freedom. 

I have joy knowing that I don’t need to be stressed out about my future or my circumstances: He has it all under control and will guide me in my decisions, giving me everything I need for life.  I have security knowing that my life, both here and now and for eternity, are in His keeping.  Following His plan for my life, I know I’m becoming who I am supposed to be and doing what I’m supposed to do.  Living according to His word, doing life His way and through the power of the Cross of Christ I am no longer a slave to my desires and passions ( I don’t have to be someone I don’t really like or do things that hurt me and others), but I’m free to be and embrace the best of what God has for me and because He loved me I am free to love others, just as they are and welcome them into His presence.  

I made a decision for Christ 34 years ago.  The Holy, Almighty, Creator God, is my good, good Father, Best friend, comforter and counselor.  Giving my life and my all to Him is the best thing I’ve ever done.

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