Jan Stouthandel

Thun, Switzerland


I grew up in the beautiful country of Switzerland, and this God was actually a set part of my life right from the beginning. My parents, grandparents, friends, the mailman, my nanny,...all those guys lived a relationship with God and this had a massive impact on me.

I got older and turned into a quite active church member. I was a wholehearted scout leader, faithful band mate, smallgroup leader,... - I spent a lot of time with and around Christians. So I heard, read and learned a lot about this God - and I was absolutely cool with that.

After I graduated from College, I was looking forward to spending some time just the way I wanted it to do. I was planning on working, making some money, then travelling, seeing the world - just a real sweet time. But my plans didn't work out...

Different people, even guys I hadn't met before, came to tell me all the same story. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if people tell me stuff about my life, my future and so on. Not at all! But this time, it escalated quite quickly. =)

They all felt it was time for me to invest some time in my relationship with this God. WHAAAAT?! Heck no, I've got other plans!, was my first reaction. I just wanted to do something fun! Or make some money! See the world! And now this...it just didn't sound like any of those fun things at all.

I still don't know exactly why I chose to do it anyways, but I ended up doing a six months Christian Sports School in Australia. And that's where I met with God in a whole new dimension. I was overwhelmed by the way he touched me down there and showed me new perspectives of life. I always wanted to be successful. To make some money. Or even a bit more than just "some", I'd be fine with that, too. To Have a family, be well respected, or even well-known! That is what success was for me. And God taught me a different lesson. He does want me to be successful as well. But, and here it comes, he's got a little bit different definition of success, I guess. I learned that my success was measured by my obedience to God. Sounds weird, but it's quite simple. I am successful when I am exactly in that very spot doing that very thing God wants me to do. Success is not any longer something material or something other people can give me - success is way more than that.

Today I'm still trying to fiugre out what my creators plan looks like for me. I invite Him into my daily decision, from the smallest ones up to the biggest milestones. Because I know that he does have a plan for me, and I believe that he even knows bettter what's best for me than I do! Crazy thought, but proven to be true ;)

And that's why this story affects your life as well. If God even has a plan for me, he's got something in store for you for sure! Dare to make a step and try to get in touch with your creater, He'd love it! Let him know you would like to know what he's got for you! And it'd be great if you could let me know as well that you went for it, I'd love to hear your story, too! =)

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