Thank you Lord!

I spent my childhood hearing : « You and your four sisters are from the devil. I’m really wondering why You didn’t die Irma. I tried to abort, but you wouldn’t die » …

So you all can imagine how much I went through emotionally and physically.

The Good News

When I was 10 years old, my mother told me:  If you want a church wedding, you need to get baptized.» So I decided to do so. I came up with a speech that touched everybody, but in fact, I didn’t believe in God at all. My mother chose a christian man named Henry as a godfather for me. Not only was he a godfather, but he was especially committed. He knew what my sister and I were going through and was showing us love, kindness, and was a good listener like a father would listen to his children.

The turning point in my life

On July 22nd 1992, I attended the international family meeting thanks to Henry. Following this event,  I had decided that I would commit suicide. I did plan everything to make sure it wouldn’t fail. On that evening, someone told me: “I chose you and blessed you before you were even formed in the womb of your mother.” It became obvious to me that God existed and that He had always stood by me. I asked God to forgive me for my past behaviour and Christ became my Lord.

Expect big things from the Lord 

Since then, no matter what may happen in my life, I rely on Jesus Christ. By His continuous grace, God has always provided for me. He brought good people in my life, which helped me understand that any unexpected situation is also a way for me to grow in my faith.

May 8th 2015, at Joyce Meyer Festival

I’ve heard of Joyce Meyer for 3 years now, and been following her for a year despite my husband’s reluctance.

The day before the festival, my husband suddenly asks me: “Wouldn’t it be too late for me to come along with you tomorrow?” I thought I must be dreaming… Joyce starts speaking, and as she was giving her speech, I could see my husband more relaxed. At the end of the first part, he then whispered to me that he almost felt like walking up the stage and share with everyone that he had lived the same experience.

He has since become aware of many things and now speaks like Joyce Meyer.

Now every morning, my husband enjoys singing worship songs and listening to teachings and words about forgiveness with me. He even went to pray with a reverend asking that “God’s will may be done in my life”. And as his wife, I simply say: “O Lord you are forever Great …”

If my testimony has been a help to someone, then thank you Lord.

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