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He healed and released me by his love

It is a joy for me to witness to what God has done in my life through Jesus Christ; to give him the honor and gratefulness of my heart through my story.  

He sees and knows everything

  I brought up in a family believing in God when I was young, I went to church and was taught the Bible. Growing in the knowledge of God's Word, I began to know a little  God and to love His word. At 18, desirous both to live according to what God said and tossed by the desire to live and anything that catches in this age such as get out party, competition, boys, sex, pleasure, appearance, …. a life like "I do what I want." Before my relatives, I hid under a practical life to the church, to be a good child and a good student. I lived as well and seeking to fill an empty in me through a passionate relationship with a young man of my age. This quest for freedom was instead become like slavery because although I was enjoying what I was doing, the joy I felt was passing by and alternated nights of sadness and even tears. I also had an evil being, I didn't really accept  me and I tried to adapt, change to please others and to forget me. Many of compromise as the price … but still, I thirst for God, answers and questions like "where I'm going after death trotted my heart?".   Away from my country, I was faced with difficult times; I saw the abyss, everything was black and seemed hopeless. Being lonely and desperate face this situation, God came to meet me in the park showing me all my life in detail since my childhood …; He showed me that He sees and knows all my life. Face the truth, I felt sad, dirty and unworthy of Him who is pure, just and holy. By pure pride, I see myself being a good person.     Face to face with God, it was a turning point in my life. I got home, I asked God for forgiveness humbly for my faults. I cried and begged with tears, to the Saviour God that I always heard  talked and prayed in church, to save me from myself because I recognized that deep down I did not want to live this life. But I did not have the strength to be released by myself.   After that God showed me that despite what I did and was before, "He loves me" and He filled me with great peace. I could not understand how He could love me, forgive me and accept me as I chose to live independently of Him and ignore Him.   Touched by the love and the nature of God, I could only reply him with my love and give him all my life. For me, it's just a new beginning and a gift that I have not deserved facing my life of debauchery. From there, I began to see the light in my life: God freed me from the guilt that I carried in me after abortion in the past (when He saved me from death), I was released from the lying, the influence of sex and pornography, and also seduction to please a man. I fixed my attitudes to premarital sex. The rebellion and independence that I created as a shell survival transform from day to day in obedience, meekness and confidence with God alone.  

He rebuilds the ruins … room for new things

Since then, not only have I changed inwardly; my life, my way of thinking and seeing life completely changed. God is not far for me but became close as a Father. I talk to him and I listen to Him. I received priceless treasures such as love, forgiveness of my faults, peace and joy that do not depend on what I live, dignity and insurance. I admit that even after this wonderful encounter and relationship commitment, God continues to change me, takes away pride and arrogance, and also independence from Him …     Very young, I had an open heart, the desire to love and be loved. I was looking for love, security and protection in relationships. Having searched to fill this empty never satisfied me and one thing led to another … God showed me that He alone can fill it. I had gone through moments of lack of love, rejection, betrayal, disappointment, confusion, and even resentment, …I had to give up a relationship of 8 years. It was not always easy, and my heart has been broken, and during this time I had the impression of having lost everything as no more reason to live. God taught me forgiveness, humility and go forward and with Him there is always hope and wonderful plans. I passed through inner healing time in my emotions, my wounds and also my mistakes. God observes my life, he renewed day by day my thoughts on his Father's heart and who I am regardless of who I was, what I've done before, what people said or  did to me. God is great and powerful, He can do what no thing or no person can do as you open him your heart … Me personally, I gave this up by reading and meditating on His Word , prayer and song to be in relationship with Him; spend time with him as with someone you love.   I learn every day with Him for He is like a father who protect. He teaches, comforts, corrects and leads into the right path of my destiny. Recently, God has given me a precious gift, the one who will be my husband.We plan to get married this year. God takes care of every detail of my life. No situation is greater than God and the tears we shed, God changes it to cup of joy !!! The key is to trust him. I come from far away, but I believe God did a miraculous job.  


 In short, I was in the darkness  and God called me into the light; I thought I would have more meaning in my life and missed out on death, but God gave me life and hope. I approached God and He approached me and this continues … Here is my story with God, I hope you can also discover God in your life through a personal relationship; and you can take heart in every circumstance of your life …   "Because the Son of the man came to look and to save what was lost " Luke 19/10 ." Because it is by  grace that you are saved, by means of  faith. And it does not come from you, it is a gift of God. It is not by the works, so that nobody glories. " Ephesians 2/8-9


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