Harmony Henderson


It all started at conception. My Mom’s tubes were tied when I was conceived, she and I also flatlined when she was giving birth to me. Lastly, a little over 6 years ago, I was in a severe car accident. I broke my neck, back, shoulder blade, the majority of my ribs, my femur, my pelvis, my jaw, fractured my skull, lacerated my spleen and my liver, punctured both lungs and attained a Traumatic Brain Injury also known as a TBI. The impact of the truck hitting my car put me in a coma. I was in that coma for 23 days. On the third day of the coma, the doctor told my parents that I was brain dead and in the slim chance of regaining consciousness, I’d be feeble and wheelchair bound for the rest of my life. My dad made his decision strictly on faith and God not only pulled me through that tragedy but restored all of my capabilities. 

Everyone is on this earth for a reason and you will not leave this earth until you fulfill your purpose. Don’t lose hope. God’s not finished with you yet. 

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