Hans van der Willik

Het Groene Hart van Holland, Netherlands

There must be a real reason!

How can I tell you my story in not too many sentences? 

It is about my experience during a rich and happy life! 

How it started

Even as a child I felt a good relationship with God was important. I was raised that way and joined my parents who went to church every Sunday. Sometimes a friend came along as well. 

During my teenage years I became very critical about religion. One day I told my father who was 60 years my senior: "As far as I am concerned just forget about religion. I will quit going to church". My actual words were a lot less friendly. I was dead-tired having to talk about God and his army of angels nearly all the time.

I was no longer touched by it..... Recognizable?

At the age of 18 I fell in love with Sytske, who has been my wife for many years now. One Sunday summer night she went to a Christian coffee bar. I went along with her. But not for her appointment ;-).  

May I ask you something?

A young guy approached me with some questions I did not like. I just had not come for questions. I wanted to be with Sytske, simply because I was so much in love with her. That guy and I started a conversation anyway. And he succeeded in reaching me, which was surprising. Much to my astonishment I accepted his invitation and made a decision that night, simply beacuse I wanted to. For the first time in my life there was a real reason for it.

That chap caused me to make the most important decision in my life, as it turned out later.

How I went on from there

Now 40 years on, with hindsight I can only confirm that, apart from my own choice for Sytske of course :-) 

All this has brought me so much joy and happiness. Too much to imagine! 

You may know God is loving you already, no matter who you are what you do and what you think about him.

The bible and Jesus: Both are important to keep an eye on, as I learned later on!

So apparently my choice has to do with it?

Yes, very important! For it is you who makes this decision. You and nobody else!! We are no robots remember, as we all have our own responsibility.

Is life after this most important choice of all always going to be easy? NO WAY!!

Because quarrelling, illness, death (I have already buried half of my family), sadness, mental pain, rejection, fear, the present economic crisis (in the last few years I have been jobless several times), loneliness; You name it, I have know it all!

If God is all powerful he can also do something about all this? This is a much-asked question.

My relation with Jesus is crucial in all of this. Every day he gives me what I could not find before, whatever I did.

I have become convinced that God wants to be involved with our lives every single day!

I want to challenge you: In what way are you perhaps touched by my story?

May I do anything for you related to this matter?

However that may be I wish you every success in your search for truth!  

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