Kimberly Smith

Hinesburg, USA

God saved me from myself

I used to be a rebellious teenager who got into dating the wrong guys to drinking doing drugs and being promiscuous to boot, then after getting married which turned into 10 years of abusive hell and doing hard drugs and harder drinking which finally came to a crashing halt after I flipped my car onto it's roof in between 2 pine trees and got a dui. Luckily I just got a few bumps and bruises but after that my life definitely started changing after I asked God for guidance, help and asked for my life back without the many addictions I had gotten into , I'm proud to say that was 17 years ago and I'm drug free, alcohol no longer controls me and I've been celebite for over 2 years now and things are going really well and God has been and always will be my savior, thank you for letting me share my story in hopes that it will help others to know with God all things are possible!
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