Suffering from prostate cancer, I choose to let Jesus heal me

In January 2018, I passed a globally satisfactory health check. At the end of the medical interview, and given my age, the doctor advises me to check my prostate.

Medical check-up

The ultrasound reveals the presence of a 16 mm nodule on it and the biopsy confirms the presence of cancer cells on half of the samples taken. My GP advises me to go to a urologist for surgery. The consequences will be summarized as follows:

• removal of the organ

• taking hormones in drug form for life

• troublesome postoperative inconveniences that may occur (incontinence, sexual disturbances)

The record is not very enchanting, but I remain calm and confident knowing that I belong to a God who heals. I choose to let Jesus heal me.

The first thought that runs through my mind is this: God can do better. Verse 8 of Psalm 118 comes to mind: It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man. I have already experienced a divine healing (, which strengthens me in this position, but I still wish to place some safeguards before launching me.

I make sure that I am well in God’s plan

I talk to the head of our neighborhood prayer cell who is also an elder at the church to get his opinion. We pray that God will enlighten us on the approach to follow. Not being in a particular spiritual form, I am nevertheless challenged by Psalm 91. This psalm speaks of the plague that will not reach us (today we speak rather of cancer), it speaks of angels who keep us, of victory over the snake and the scorpion (image of the devil) to end with a promise of long life. Curiously, the following Sunday, the pastor of the church preaches on the theme “Living the stages of our lives”. It indicates that the plan of God is never direct and that to go from A to B God often makes us go through A ‘so as not to end in D’ (read depressed). This message challenges me and makes me understand that it is better to take the path longer with God than the direct path through surgery. Another brother in Christ also encourages me to walk by faith. When I find myself with our former one week later, I am in a great serenity. In view of what I tell him, he confirms that he too sees all the lights in green. His wife is laying hands on me and ordering this cancer to leave me in the name of Jesus.

My step of faith

I did not feel anything, but I remain in an attitude of faith as recommended by James 5: 14-15): the prayer of faith will save the sick. In my daily prayers, I often prayed Psalm 91 by putting it in the first person and replacing the word plague with the word cancer. I also thanked JC for drying this nodule with his blood shed on the cross (Mark 11:24). I reminded the devil who came to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10) that he was defeated by Jesus, who came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3: 8) and give us life in abundance.

The result

In June, the MRI revealed that the tumor had shrunk to half its size.

I remain firm and determined in the fight and persevere in my way of faith.

A few months later in january 2019 a check reveals that there are no more nodules and the one found a year earlier had completely disappeared. My doctor is speechless. He re-reads the report, compares it to the previous report and is quick to research the biopsy report. He ends up saying: “You had prostate cancer and now there is nothing.” I told him that I counted on divine intervention, but he did not react on that.


A few days later, I read a chapter in a book called “unshakeable” and the author talks about the conquest of the promised land by the Israelites. The land was promised to them by God, but it was necessary to conquer it. I directly made a link with what I had just experienced. Our victories are similar to those of the people of Israel. We have many promises in the Bible and God has given us the spiritual armor that allows us to come into possession of his promises: shield of faith, sword of the word … These are precisely the weapons that I had taken.

And you, will you win victories with the weapons that God gives you? I am ready to discuss with you if you wish.


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