sr.Bozena Novoselec

Krasyliv, Ukraine

“Giver of face and life”

Praise to the Lord!

       My name is sr. Bozena and I’m from small European country, Croatia. I’m religious sister in young community of Sisters of Mary in Holy Spirit from Ukraine. In my life, there were lots of moments when I could see and witness presence, love and power of God.

      I’m a sculptor. My first love was art, sculptures from stone. As a sculptor, I had this power, to make “dead to get alive”. I was giver of  “face and life” to the stone. And that, for me was understanding of power and control.

Almost, I had everything, friends, money, I was traveling, I had my art, my love! But, deep in me, something was missing. I felt it, but didn’t understand. God knew that, and He decided to take me under His Fatherly control.

        It was summer of 2004th. I’m in Zagreb, and I’m  “standard” religious sister. I went on one formation for young sisters. At the end of one week seminar, priest came and said that he would pray for us. I said – ah, no! This prayer over people - not for me. But in my heart I had strong feeling to go and test God. If He is, and this “stuff” is real, Gods work, He will show me. It was a period when I was feeling my self as a dead person. It was period of my life when I was just as my sculptures – stone with face, but no life.

I went to that prayer, with this intention – to test God if he is really God! I think that God said – “Ok, test me! I’ll show you that I’m true giver of face and life!” Priest came and prayed for me… Now it was time for God! He worked quickly, strong and punctual. I felt His power and presence on me. It was like water that is flowing through me. In that moment I said to Him: “Remove this concrete problem. If You do it, I will speak about that!” He did it! With his living water he washed me, cleansed me. I felt my body so heavy, but in me was fire! And I was burning.  At that moment I met true giver of face and life! He passed the test! This is my God!

Dear youth! Don’t be afraid to look for that God! Don’t be afraid to test God! Why? Because , He won’t fail, and you will see how much He cares about you! You will be surprised, just like I was!

                                                                                                          Sr. Bozena 

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