Anet Zagóra


I am a new creation ! Christ lives in me ! I've found the meaning of my life ! It all started with my birth. I was born to unbelieving parents. They are wonderful people , gave me so much love and great facilities , where I could grow , but they forgot the most important thing . They've never told me about God , they've never read the Bible with me , never prayed with me. They didn't accept God, therefore, they did not see a reason to tell me about Him . But God had his plan ... We lived in a two-generation house . Every day I had seen with my grandparents. They had a great influence on my life . It was they who first introduced me to Sunday school. There I first heard about God. I loved listening to the stories of the Bible , God's warriors , ordinary people that the Lord used the amazing way. God lived in me since my birth , it was he who created me . When I realized it , my life took a new direction. I suddenly had two dads ! And my heart was filled with children's endless joy. I do not remember the exact day or hour when I accepted the Lord into my life , but I know that it was the best decision ever! :-) I experienced a powerful moment in life with Lord many times. God wanted to renew our friendship again and again. A couple of times news of His love and my sinfulness hit me on my knees and I was talking to Him in prayer . He listened and I experienced a wonderful feeling. Life with God is incredibly fulfilling. I was an empty vessel , without content, like thousands of others. But when I accepted Jesus , this vessel began to fill with new content . God gave me the assurance that I will never feel an emptiness , loneliness or abandonment. He filled my life with love , acceptance , joy and certainty that I can always rely on Him. Relationship with Him, I would not trade for anything! I see Him all around me, I walk with Him through my life and tell people around me: ,,I love life because,  thanks God, it has a sense!"

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