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God’s miracle during my car crash

It was a friday night in february 2005 at Reunion island. I was on the road to ensure a radio show, with a sky partially covered with clouds and a wet pavement because of the rain. A 5 years old boy came out from a waste disposal , running fast with a kids group of Chaudron neighborhood. He continued his path crossing the street without paying attention to the cars coming both ways. It happened so fast i have not managed to stop my car before twenty meter. He was the only one to crossed the street because the group stayed on the sidewalk.


I had the feeling to crushed something with the collision sound. When the car was immobilized, i saw the young boy coming out from the left side of the car an run to the other side of the waste disposal.The neighborhood had a reputation of insecurity, so i immediately called the police to inform them of the accident and the situation. In about 3 minutes, they were in the location.

A group of people came around the car  and a child came with his parents and introduce himself as the victim. His name was “Jackson”. The emergency services came at the same time and took him to the E.R.

Police made surveys, a,d neighborhood investigation, collections testimony and  i got alcohol tested and picked up pieces of my car scattered on the road.I did not understand the situation and until today i can not explain what really happened during this accident. Then, police informed me that i may go back home because they will contact me later. I was truly affected by this accident, i couldn’t imagine myself to have endangered the life of a child atthe wheel of my car. Besides i was just married one year before this terrible event and my spouse and i tried in vain to have our own child.

God answerS to our prayers

The evening, we prayed together and we asked to the all family to pray for Jackson for God to keep him, heal him and for everything get well. I prayed : “God! You didn’t call me to take life but to give birth. I beg you to save this child if it’s your will.”On the saturday afternoon, police called me back to tell me that Jackson was doing well, and he only had abrasions his days wasn’t endangered. Finally , his parents didn’t complain. What a relief!!! God not only saved Jackson but he saved me too in this accident!

Today, i have 3 children : 2 boys ( Daniel 8, David 5 and Grace 3). Often, when i am looking at them, i reminds me this miracle that God made in my life and in Jackson’s life. I am so grateful because without his intervention, Jackson will be probably dead today and my life will take another turn.

I know that God hold my life between his hands and all that concern me concern him too.

We can trust him to change circumstances!



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