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Cape Town, South Africa

Must See Destinations in Southern Africa

Most people are always left wondering why Southern Africa yet there are many interesting places on the planet where you can always visit! So what really draws people to this part of the world? Southern Africa is made up of a number of countries such as Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and many more. Most travelers who come for Africa safari are known to give these region lots of priorities compared to other areas. 

Most of the travelers who have visited Southern Africa are usually amazed by the beauty and diversity that is found over there. The travelers are usually surprised by the great contrast ranging from the wildlife and the untamed landscapes to the beautiful and modern cities. South Africa is known to be such a captivating region which provides the travelers with new adventures year after year. So any person who is planning for an Africa safari to this regions should consider the following as their must see destinations. 

Cape Town 

Cape Town is located near the tip of Africa. It is known to be a true vacation paradise. Cape Town has been ranked among the top ten best cities as well as the best tourist destination in the whole Africa. It is one city any traveler cannot afford to miss during his or her African safari. Cape Town is surrounded by the Atlantic and Indian Oceans on either side.

The Caprivi Strip

Caprivi Strip is located to the northeast corner of Namibia and stretches out between Botswana and Angola. These wetlands are made up of reed beds, water channels and wide assortment of flora and fauna which makes it breathtaking. 

The Kruger National Park 

Kruger National Park is located in the northeast region of South Africa. This park is known to have some spectacular game viewing in the planet. You will always be assured of a once in a lifetime experience when you visit the Kruger National Park during your African safari in Southern Africa. 

The Victoria Falls 

You Africa safari can never be complete without visiting the Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls is classified as one of the seven natural wonders of the world. 

The Okavango Delta 

The Okavango Delta is located in the northern Botswana. It is a veritable oasis of wildlife and also a natural wonder. It is known to be the world’s largest inland delta. 

Bazaruto Archipelago

The Bazaruto Archipelago is known to offer a distinct contrast to the Southern Africa. It has a blend of vibrant and rich Africans, Arab and Portuguese influences. It is located in the north of Maputo area near Vilanculos. It is also known to be one of the most beautiful tropical destinations. 

Etosha National Park 

This park is located in Namibia which is one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world. The Etosha National Park is known to be the third largest game reserve in Africa. In case you are interested in having the most enthralling Africa safari, then the Etosha National Park is a must visit place for you. 

These are just but a few of the exciting places you can never afford to miss during your Africa safari to Southern Africa. 

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